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Honey comb


Asheville Bee Charmer’s online honey store is a highly-curated selection of top honey from around the world, and around the corner. Explore honey flavors local to the Southern Appalachian Mountains or Pacific Northwest or Northern Italy. Our honey store includes honey varieties from our own beekeepers as well as small-batch honey sourced from beekeepers worldwide.

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Body Care

A little honey goes a long way in body and skin care routines. Honey is naturally antibacterial and contains antioxidants. Plus, honey naturally moisturizes and hydrates your skin.

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Gift Sets

Bee Charmer gift sets allow you or a special recipient to sample a variety of our honey and bee-themed wares in a beautiful package. We have several options for honey gift sets, skin care and bath samplers, and even gifts specific to beekeepers.

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Home Sweet Home

Life is sweet, especially with a little bit of honey. Explore Asheville Bee Charmer’s curated collection of tea and bee-themed home goods from candles to kitchenware to books.

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Apparel & Accessories

Put a bee on it! Asheville Bee Charmer bee-themed apparel and accessories are designed and curated for bee charmers and honey enthusiasts. Our one-of-a-kind bee charmer Apparel and Stickers are designed by Queen Bee Jillian Kelly, artist and owner.

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