Asheville Bee CharmerOrange Blossom Honey


Orange Blossom Honey is one of the most popular monofloral honey varieties. Honey bees produce this incredible citrus-tasting honey by feeding directly on the nectar of the orange tree blossoms. Orange Blossom Honey’s subtle citrus flavor is a perfect complement to sweet treats and baked goods.

Orange Blossom Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Orange tree , Citrus × sinensis
Hails From:
Florida, California, Southern Texas
Light amber
Pairs Well With:
Earl Grey tea, biscuits, vanilla ice cream, whiskey, cocktails
Tasting Notes:
Subtle, orange, citrus

Orange Blossom Honey Goodness

In the big orange groves of Florida and California, sweet orange tree blossoms emerge around April, providing a feast for honey bees and local pollinators. Beekeepers place their honey bees in the groves to pollinate the orange blossoms across orange-growing regions, and we get to taste the resulting Orange Blossom Honey masterpiece.

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