The Bee Charmer Community

Collecting bees

Jillian and Kim’s passion for bees and honey is visible in every facet of their business. The Bee Charmer has collaborated with several other businesses in Asheville to promote bee conservation and habitat enhancement for pollinators.

The Bee Charmer is not just a shop that sells bee products, it is a business committed to bee conservation.


Who Will Speak for the Bees?

As bee and pollinator populations continue to decline, Jillian and Kim are steadfast in their commitment to education and honey bee habitat protection. They speak regularly about honey and bee conservation at Bee City USA events and they’ve been invited as judges to the Black Jar Honey contest.

The landscaping and gardening around their home has bees and other pollinators in mind.

Their work with pollinator conservation and their unique business model has not gone unnoticed. They have been featured on the National Geographic Channel and magazine, HGTV’s Creative Genius, Southern Living Magazine, Our State Magazine, Money Magazine, Hemispheres/United Airlines Magazine, Buick Magazine, and more. Jillian and Kim continue to promote their passion for pollinators and the vital role bees play in pollinating our food.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to help the bees.

Jillian and Kim
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