In our shop, Bee-ristas lead guided tastings of infused honeys and varietals. Visit us at 38 Battery Park Ave or 32 Broadway to discover flavors of honey that will please your palate, hear new uses for honey, and learn about how honey is made.

Honey comb
Pouring honey at the Honey Tasting Bar

Honey Tasting Bar

You may bee familiar with wine tastings, but what about honey tastings? With literally hundreds of varieties of honey across the country, you’ll soon discover that honey tasting is actually quite nuanced. If you want to know what honey tastes like, the best solution is to come on down to Asheville, North Carolina for a free honey tasting at one of our two honey tasting bars. Between 40 and 50 honey varietals are available in our stores.

What to expect at our Asheville honey tasting bars

How many honeys do I get to try?

As many as you like! Most people find that 5-10 is plenty.

How long does a honey tasting last?

The length of your honey tasting depends on how many you’re wanting to try. Most customers find 10-15 minutes gives them plenty of time to try a wide variety of both our monofloral and infused honey.

Can children participate?

Absolutely! We love letting supervised children enjoy our honey bar.

Is it sanitary?

Yes! We want you to feel safe and we’ve worked hard to create a positive experience for you. We have protective screens at our honey bar and register. All of our employees wear masks and sanitize the honey bar multiple times throughout the day.

How many people can you accommodate for a tasting?

Currently, we can allow eight people at a time at our Broadway honey bar location, and four at a time at our Battery Park location.

Do you need to book in advance?

No reservations are necessary! Just come when you’re ready. If the honey bar is full, feel free to browse our beautiful store while you’re waiting, and make a list of honey you’d like to try!

What else should folks know beforehand?

Come with an open, positive mind! Ask your Beetender what their favorite honeys are! You’re going to love our store! It’s the sweetest place to bee:)

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