Is your honey raw?

Yes, all of our honey is raw and unpasteurized.

Does your honey expire?

Nope. Honey is the only food that never goes bad.

Will honey help with my allergies?

Local/Regional Wildflower Honey is what we recommend to assist with allergies. Wildflower Honey may have a variety of wildflower pollens in the honey, thus working as an immune booster to that pollens.

How do honeys differ?

All honey gets its’ color and taste from the nectar of the flowers that the bees are harvesting.

Are some Honeys more premium than other honeys?

Yes! Some flowers only bloom for a short period and are very regional – therefore, the honeybees only have a short period of time to collect the nectar each year. All nectar has a distinct taste that translates into the honey. And just like how flowers have different scents, each nectar has a different taste, some being tastier than others.

So you have North Carolina Honey?

We do! Our signature honey is Sourwood Honey. It’s named after a tree that grows in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s one of the most sought after honeys in the world, and is one of the tastiest.  We also carry a local Wildflower Honey every year, until we run out.

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