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Tupelo Honey is notably famous for its rarity and flavor – and a popular song. The taste is buttery, the texture is smooth, and the citrus floral flavor hits on the back of the tongue. It is a perfect compliment to a biscuit, tea, or just about anything that could use a little extra something sweet. Tupelo Honey has a high fructose sugar ratio which makes it one of the few kinds of honey in the world that will never crystallize.

Tupelo Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Tupelo tree, Nyssa sylvatica
Hails From:
Light gold with a green hue
Pairs Well With:
Tea, biscuits, citrus marinades, fresh fruit
Tasting Notes:
Light, floral, citrus

About the Tupelo Tree and Making Tupelo Honey

The tupelo tree is part of the Nyssaceae family, a group of trees highly tolerant of wet soils and flooding. The tupelo tree grows mainly in the Apalachicola River Basin of Northwest Florida. The swamp-like conditions of the river provide the perfect environment for the tupelo tree. This small growing location in the southeast United States contributes to the rarity of tupelo honey.

The tree itself has deep, watery roots and beautiful, glossy green foliage. In the fall, the leaves change to shades of orange, yellow, bright red, scarlet, and purple. In the spring, the tupelo tree only blooms for about one to two weeks, making the harvest period for tupelo honey very short. To gather pure tupelo honey, beekeepers have to keep their hives on platforms or floats because of the swampy environment of the Apalachicola River Basin.

Reviews & Ratings

  • Belinda

    This Tupelo honey has SPOILED ME for all other honeys! The flavor is indescribable and the most luscious honey I’ve ever tasted. I drizzle this honey over my hot fried chicken. Oh my…. I’m getting dizzy…….

  • Laura

    Seriously the best honey! 10/10 recommend!

  • Ted

    I first heard of tupelo honey in a line in a Van Morrison song, “She’s as sweet as tupelo honey.” I wondered what made tupelo honey so special and years later I got a chance to find out. The flavor and sweetness were truly otherworldly–in an amazingly good way. All honey is good and it’s difficult to pick a “best” but tupelo just might be.

  • Kimberly Emmrich

    Hands down, best honey ever!!! Re-ordering and can’t wait to actually get back into the shop next weekend!

  • Nicole

    I never cared for honey until I had Tupelo honey. It’s true, you can’t use it in tea or for baking purposes. Use it on toast, on pancakes, or just straight from the spoon. This honey is too delicious to let it’s flavor play second fiddle to anything else. It has to be the stand out player.

  • Ethel

    Soothing to the palate and the soul ! 2nd reorder coming your way

  • clevy19buck

    Simply the best honey I’ve eaten to date. Its honestly not even close!

  • Alex

    The most unique and wonderful honey I’ve ever tasted. I usually use honey to sweeten my tea or to put on toast but I lick the Tupelo honey directly from the spoon because I don’t want anything to adulterate its delicious taste, yeah it is that good

  • Dan Gribb

    This stuff is the bomb! A sweet and buttery taste. I would not waste it in tea. It is meant to be enjoyed slathered over a scone or warm biscuits. Yes, it’s expensive but worth it. We brought 2 jars back home to Cleveland from Asheville and we’ll definitely buy more when they’re gone.

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