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Sourwood Honey: the Sweetheart of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Our most popular honey is also one of the world’s most delicious—Sourwood Honey. Asheville Bee Charmer harvests Sourwood Honey from bees pollinating sourwood trees. These trees are native to our Southern Appalachian mountain forests. The flavor of this well-balanced honey is unparalleled.

Available in five sizes.

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Visit Our Honey Tasting Bars in Downtown Asheville, NC

Allow our expert bee-ristas to take you on a sensory exploration of honey flavors at one of our two honey tasting bars in downtown Asheville. Test your taste buds with pure monofloral honeys and infused honeys from North Carolina and around the world.

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All-Natural Honey-Based Skin Care

Soaps, lotions, salves, and balms.

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Home Goods from Our Hive to Yours

Candles, kitchenware, books and more.

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Bee Bling and Apian Apparel

Jewelry, clothing, flair, and accessories.

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Gift Sets for Honey-Lovers & Bee Charmers

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Queen bees Jillian and Kim opened the first Asheville Bee Charmer in downtown Asheville in 2014. Dedicated beekeepers themselves, Jillian and Kim are honey-lovers that work with other beekeepers from around the world to curate a selection of the best pure, raw monofloral honey from across North Carolina (including their own back yard) and the globe.

They are bee conservation advocates, but stress that you don’t have to bee a beekeeper to save the bees. We can all pitch in by supporting pollinator-friendly native landscaping.

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Jill and Kim of Asheville Bee Charmer
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