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The wet climate of the Pacific Northwest provides ideal growing conditions for wild blackberries, and thus Blackberry Honey. Come late spring, blackberry bushes explode with delicate white blossoms that provide ample pollen for hungry honey bees. The honey they produce has a distinct blackberry taste and adds a pleasant fruity sweetness to tea, baked goods, and vinaigrettes.

Blackberry Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Blackberry, Rubus fruticosus
Hails From:
Pacific Northwest
Deep gold
Pairs Well With:
Fresh fruit, biscuits, tea, yogurt and granola, vinaigrettes
Tasting Notes:
Distinct blackberry taste

Blackberry Bushes Grow Everywhere

You may be wondering why our blackberry honey comes from the Pacific Northwest. Blackberries grow all over the US, including in our home in the southern Appalachian mountains, but to make pure blackberry honey, it’s all about the concentration of brambles. The density of bushes allows for pure monofloral blackberry honey. While honey bees also pollinate blackberries found in other parts of the US, the collected nectar and pollen is mixed with that of other flowers and results in wildflower honey instead.

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