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Raspberry Honey is as sweet and special as it sounds. It takes a considerable concentration of flowering raspberry bushes to produce Raspberry Honey, but the resulting flavor is worth every effort. This honey is mellow with floral undertones and a smooth raspberry finish punctuated by a hint of tartness.  

Raspberry Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Raspberry bush, Rubus idaeus
Hails From:
Maine, New Jersey
Light amber
Pairs Well With:
Tea, fresh fruit, pastries, chocolate, cheesecake
Tasting Notes:
Mild, slightly tart, fruity, light raspberry

A Kiss of Sweetness

Add a kiss of raspberry-reminiscent sweetness to vinaigrettes, pastries, teas, and more. Whisk together with dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil for a simple salad dressing, or try Rasberry Honey mixed with fresh raspberries atop cheesecake.

Reviews & Ratings

  • Andi

    Love this honey! I enjoy the unique flavor– the sweet and tart tastes are lovely.

  • Cheyenne

    This is probably my favorite honey I’ve ever had. It’s really sweet initially, then has this tangy aftertaste similar to that of a raspberry. Definitely will order again!

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