Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees Book


Whether you have a single rooftop hive, a few bee boxes in your backyard, or a large-scale apiary, this is the only reference you’ll need!

“An excellent introduction to beekeeping.” -Kristen Taylor, editor in chief, American Bee Journal

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“Confused by all the different opinions on how best to keep bees? This guide will provide a bright light on your beekeeping journey.” -Marla Spivak, McKnight Distinguished Professor in Entomology, University of Minnesota

Learn how to:

  • Properly house your bees all season
  • Manage your colonies nutrition
  • Maintain an effective pollination schedule
  • Prevent and treat mites and disease
  • Introduce a new queen to the hive
  • Capture a  swarm
  • Harvest and store your honey crop


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