Asheville Bee CharmerRose Honey Soap


Our Rose and Honey is a match made in heaven.  Rose oil in body care helps purify and firm skin as well as reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation and redness. Wake up and smell the roses!

Our soap is gentle, moisturizing, and lathers beautifully. It’s fantastic for your body, face, and hair leaving your skin with a smooth, clean feeling. The smell isn’t overpowering, but will linger long after you’ve suds up!

Limit 4 bars per order at this time- Thank you for your support!


Ingredients: coconut oil*, distilled water, olive oil*, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil*, shea butter*, castor oil*, jojoba oil*, avocado oil*, honey*, geranium essential oil*, rose essential oil


4 oz

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  • Liz Noh

    Like all your soaps, I really like this one – rich and pleasantly scented.

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