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Beeswax candles are naturally long burning without the addition of hardeners. Nature never intended for all beeswax to look the same. Beeswax wicks need to be trimmed from time to time to keep them from flickering and smoking. Beeswax has been around since ancient times and is the oldest known candle used by man. Beeswax Candles actually emit negative ions, which purify, cleanse, improve air quality, and invigorate the body. Beeswax Candles are a natural ionizer!

Also, beeswax has the highest melting point of all known waxes, which allows for a significantly longer (2-5 times) burn time!

Beeswax is environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic. Beeswax burns very clean with little smoke.

Our candles are made with 100% All Natural Local Beeswax, with no chemicals or paraffins, and are handmade in Asheville, North Carolina.

Candles are poured to order, so please allow us an extra day or two on your order to pour you a fresh one!


Pure beeswax color can vary.


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