Asheville Bee CharmerLavender-Infused Honey


Infused with locally grown Appalachian lavender, our Lavender-Infused Honey has a sweet and lightly floral flavor that makes it a great addition to cheese, tea, and baked goods. Lavender has a long medicinal history and is predominantly used for its calming effects. We like to think our lavender honey infusion sweetens the medicine.


Lavender-Infused Honey Notes

Pairs Well With:
Tea, cocktails, baked goods
Tasting Notes:
Floral, light, lavender

Reviews & Ratings

  • Virginia

    My favorite honey from my favorite honey shop! Being a big tea drinker (hot and cold), and big on honey in general for all things, I’ve tried many different kinds of honey. As well as many kinds of lavender infused honey. And this one by far, is the BEST! I live in MO now, but still this is my go to place for my honey needs. Whether I buy online, or stop by the shop when back visiting family, I cannot allow myself to run out. Great in Earl grey tea, on toast, or drizzled over scones. Definitely would recommend trying if you haven’t yet.

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