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If you’ve set out to conquer our hot honey line, you’ve reached the final boss. Prepare your taste buds for a monstrous mash of pure, raw honey infused with locally-grown North Carolina ghost peppers. Our Ghost Pepper Honey is the perfect combination of sweet and heat. Drizzle over fried chicken or pizza to experience next-level tasty.


Ghost Pepper Honey Notes

Pairs Well With:
Chicken, salmon, roasted veggies, curry, chili
Tasting Notes:
Sweet with a slow-building heat

Reviews & Ratings

  • Savannah

    THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. I started putting it on my turkey bacon because I like spicy breakfast items, while also trying to be healthy. Stay with me here. Cook the turkey on one side and drizzle honey on the other and then flip. I eat it cold too, it is that good.

  • Anna Roae

    Bought this as a gift for my brother. He absolutely loved it and it goes amazing on salmon!

  • Greg Fahy

    I love sweet and I love spicy, together it’s usually an odd combination but this nails it. The flavor is truly unique and like nothing I’ve tasted before. This is my favorite honey, not my favorite from here, but my favorite period.

  • Ann Stults

    This product is awesome. We pour a little in a bowl and dip into it with cheese & crackers. Like other said, it is not as hot as you might think. There is a little spice at the end and it is great.

  • Barrett

    This is the most incredible honey I’ve ever had before! I started with a spoonful, which was unbelievable, but led me to immediately needing to put it on everything! I grilled chicken and slabbed some honey on right before finishing it up, banger. Then I took it to the next level… cream…. BANGER!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how much I freaking love this stuff!

  • David

    This is by far my favorite honey. I was on the fence about getting it, worried that it would be too spicy. I had visions of ghost pepper challenges I’ve watched on YouTube. It wasn’t. In fact, I thought it was less spicy than the Smokin’ Hot honey; which I got to use as a base for homemade honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

    The ghost pepper honey starts with a delicious sweetness, and finishes with a warm afterglow. Since the ghost pepper has a fruitiness quality (or so I’ve read, I’ve never eaten one, and don’t plan to), I’m sure that it adds depth to the honey itself. It’s not just a mix of honey and heat, but it creates a superbly flavored honey that I can’t put down. It’s beautiful to look at too, with a ghost pepper floating in the bottle.

    Just heed the warning … mix it a bit first.

    That being said, heat is subjective. If you scream in pain, your eyes water, you claw at your throat, turn red, the veins bulge on your forehead, and you snot yourself after eating a bell pepper, this might not be a good choice of honey for you. But if you can tolerate the heat from a bag of spicy Doritos chips, you’ll do just fine with the ghost pepper honey.

    I highly recommend it.

  • Linda Yockel

    Love this idea and the honey is great. I put it in my cup of green or black tea and it is an awesome sweet and spicy, but not too spicy, addition to my tea. Love it. Love it. Love it.

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