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Within the pine-wooded wetlands of the Southeast US grows the gallberry, an evergreen shrub also known as inkberry. From April to June, the gallberry bushes practically drip nectar, providing a feast for local honey bees. The resulting Gallberry Honey is choice. Gallberry Honey is known for its light color and versatile sweet flavor.   Don’t Mistake everyday for ordinary — this honey is exceptionally rich in pollen and enzymes and is super slow to crystalize.

Gallberry Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Gallberry or inkberry, Ilex glabra
Hails From:
Florida, Georgia
Light, golden amber
Pairs Well With:
Anything! This is a great all-purpose honey
Tasting Notes:
Classic, mild, fresh honeycomb

Gallberry Details

Don’t mistake every day for ordinary. Gallberry Honey is a versatile everyday treat that is great for baking or drizzling on almost any culinary concoction. It’s also exceptionally rich in pollen and enzymes and is slow to crystallize.

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