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Dandelion Honey, known as Tarassaco Honey in Italy, is a truly curious and unusual honey. We call it our Blue Cheese of honey, but it’s also called the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of honey because the smell and taste are so different. The nose is pungent and hits you right away, but the taste is well-balanced and mildly sweet.

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Dandelion Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Dandelion flower, Taraxacum
Hails From:
Northern Italy
Creamy yellow
Pairs Well With:
Bitter leafy greens, grilling and roasting meats, cheese, potatoes
Tasting Notes:
Floral, spicy, sharp

About Mieli Thun

Dandelion Honey is a pure, raw monofloral honey derived from the honeybees gathering the nectar from dandelion flowers in Northern Italy. Mieli Thun, the producer of many fantastic monofloral honeys including Dandelion Honey, is a small family-run beekeeping company that specializes in nomadic beekeeping. They have been producing some of the best honey in the world since 1921, and we are proud to carry several of their delicious artisanal honeys.

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