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Our Creamed Clover Honey is a delicious spun honey that has been whipped to a smooth and creamy consistency. Clover Honey is the perfect honey to cream due to its high crystallization rate. Creamed honey is perfect for spreading on a hot biscuit or bagel or melting into hot tea.

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Creamed Clover Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Clover, Trifolium
Hails From:
North Dakota, South Dakota
Light, white
Pairs Well With:
Toast, waffles, biscuits, English muffins
Tasting Notes:
Cinnamon, nutmeg, classic

How Creamed Honey Comes to BEE

Creamed honey is known by various names such as spun, creamed, whipped, or churned honey. Despite its many names, creamed honey does not contain any cream or dairy. In fact, nothing is added or taken away from the honey at all. Creamed honey is made by lowering the temperature of the honey which causes it to crystallize. Once the honey has formed crystals it is whipped or spun causing the large honey crystals to break down smaller resulting in smooth, creamy honey. Once honey has been creamed or spun, it will stay the same consistency and texture unless its temperature is dramatically altered.

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