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You may have had buckwheat pancakes, but did you know that honey bees are able to produce delicious and unique honey from the nectar of the buckwheat flowers? Buckwheat Honey is best known as a baker’s honey because its decadent, molasses-like flavor and consistency works well in many baked goods and pastries. Buckwheat Honey has long been used as a natural alternative to cough syrup. Rich, dark, and thick, this honey is great to have in your pantry or your medicine cabinet!

Buckwheat Honey Notes

Nectar Source:
Buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum
Hails From:
Throughout the U.S., Canada
Dark amber to almost black
Pairs Well With:
Nut butters, black beans, soups/ stews, pancakes, cookies
Tasting Notes:
Earthy, malty, pungent, molasses

About Buckwheat

Buckwheat is an incredible plant with several different uses. Farmers plant it as a cover crop to help bring nutrients back into the soil, bakers grind the seeds to produce buckwheat flour, and honey bees transform the plant’s nectar into one of the most unique honeys in the world. Rich in flavor as it is in color, this honey is incredibly thick and reminiscent of blackstrap molasses, black coffee, or dark chocolate.

Reviews & Ratings

  • Kristen

    This is the best honey ever, and the best of the buckwheat honeys. It’s not too sweet and has a deep flavod.

  • Donna Feldheim

    This is the best honey ever! I bought some while I was visiting in Asheville, finished it When I got home. I tried to find it locally with no avail and then went online. I’ll admit I was trying to cheap out because I didn’t want to pay for shipping with beecharmer. I tried a few different brands that had great reviews, and free shipping, however there was no comparison to beecharmers buckwheat honey! Slicing some apple and a spoon of this honey is my daily treat…. just amazing. Now I buy multiple bottles to off set shipping and it’s worth it. If you haven’t tried it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Gary Gartner

    My wife I visit Asheville 2-3 times a year and always stop in the store. We tried the Buckwheat from a sample and immediately enjoyed the taste of it. We add it to our pancakes and brings a nice sweet added touch to them. And of course we take a teaspoon daily for the sweetness.

  • Tammy

    We enjoy honey often at our house, so after a taste of this in the shop, I instantly grabbed a jar to take home to Maryland. My husband has since nicknamed this “the good honey” to differentiate it from any other honey in the cabinet. Amazing!

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