Julia FossonEncaustic- the word makes you curious and that’s how I became an encaustic painter.  When I was painting with oils, someone said my work reminded them of encaustic.  This is how my career in encaustics started.  I now can say after many years “why” I paint, it’s the journey of each wax painting.  I let the wax painting tell me where I am going.  It can be fun, exhilarating, exhausting and moment changing or it just simply happens, immediately.  But I trust it, because its more than just me, it’s a visual story, feeling, statement or emotion.

Painting lets me communicate through a visual conversation. I love to tell a story in a painting and hope that the viewers enjoy listening visually.  I started painting in the late 80’s and discovered my passion for working in encaustics (beeswax, resin and pigment) in 2003.  There is something about the texture, the translucencies and the way the light is held in the wax.  I love the challenges of painting with wax as it goes from liquid to solid quickly.  Most of my paintings have 15 to 25 layers of wax.  I believe in creating work with a solid structure, not unlike building a house, the layers act like footers.  This allows me the ability to dig, scrap and use a lot of heat to develop a smooth surface. I believe the ceramic like shine on my works is from my technique and the way I heat the wax.

fosson-tilesI have made a home in Asheville, North Carolina from Connecticut.  I was a Hand Therapist for 19 years, though I loved my work I realized my passion for painting.  I have exhibited work since 2000 in solo and group shows in Connecticut, Chicago, North Carolina and received 2 Individual Artist Grants while in Connecticut.  I am currently in The Hatchery Studios and a member of the River Arts District Artist, Inc.  Asheville, North Carolina.


Art is the stored honey of the human soul

– Theodore Dreiser