Asheville Bee Charmer began five years ago when founders and Queen Bees Jillian and Kim decided to start sharing the fruits, or rather honey, of their beekeeping labors and open a store in Downtown Asheville. The journey hasn’t been without challenges but through creative partnerships and community support the hive is stronger than ever.

The following are several things Jillian and Kim have learned along the way.

    1. It takes a village…errr hive – The fact that we’ve not only made it five years but grown and thrived is a true testament to the strength of our community (and our actual hives). From the actual bees pollinating in the field to the small-batch beekeepers we work with, to our own team pouring beeswax molds and holding down the honey bar, we are a team.
    2. Collaboration is key – making honey is a collaboration between plants, pollinators, and beekeepers. A successful small business is also a collaboration. We’re so grateful to have collaborated with AVLtoday, Bee City, Highland Brewery, Urban Orchard, and so many more! Moving forward we want to dig even deeper in our collaboration efforts.
    3. Bees need our help – bee and pollinator populations continue to decline, but you don’t have to be a beekeeper to support bee populations. Plant bee-friendly native flower gardens. Host a hive. Learn more about pollinator conservation at Asheville GreenWorks Bee City program.
    4. It’s all about the bar – the honey bar, that is. There are more than 300 honey varietals in the US alone. While we don’t offer samples of all 300, we’re pretty proud of the diverse selection of honey textures and flavors we offer. The best thing about the bar has been the opportunity to connect with honey newbees and experts alike.
    5. Sourwood is still the best – while each honey has it’s own unique quality, Sourwood honey is forever in our heads, hearts, and hives. It is the darling of Southern honeys with its buttery flavor and amber hue. Not to mention the Sourwood blooms in the Appalachian Mountains are a site to behold. It’s our favorite, and probably yours too since it continues to be our top seller year after year!

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